We were proud to have been a part of such an important step by Women in Hebron

From Women in Hebron

This past May, Women in Hebron was pleased to be part of the first World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Fair Trade Tour in the Holy Land. As with all the current and prospective WFTO members in Palestine, we were proud to have been a part of such an important step forward in the development of regional fair trade initiatives.

Joining WFTO is not an easy task; member organizations must prove that they are willing to set themselves to the highest possible standard in terms of both the quality of their products and the ethics of their organization.  But after meeting with and working alongside such wonderful representatives of WFTO both here in Palestine and abroad, it is clear that the effort to become a fully accredited WFTO member is well worthwhile.

WFTO provides its members an opportunity to share its products and the story of the people behind these products to a global audience.  Having WFTO come to Palestine helps both local and international members better understand the distinct as well as the common challenges of the world fair trade market.  It is also a confirmation that we are not alone in our efforts to support our communities through producing and marketing our goods, and that our hard work will pay off with persistence and willingness to work as a team.  Most of all, WFTO reminds us that we do not want people to buy our products just because they are from Palestine.  We want people to buy our Palestinian products because they are the best items on the market; be it embroidery, wool carpets, olive wood, ceramics, non-perishable foods or whatever else we set our minds to producing.  Together as WFTO members, we can set an example for our people and nation to follow!  Thank you to everyone who joined us in May. We look forward to seeing you again on the next tour in 2019!  

Women in Hebron

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